Toyota Corolla in Benin City
Toyota Corolla in Benin City

The Chinese version would allow drivers to control up to 6,500 models of cars without buying them by using a GPS device such as a smartphone or smartphone app.

The idea may not be an obvious one to regulators. The company has warned drivers not to buy cars they believe have been found to violate laws banning the sale of electronics other than the car they bought.

But it could have repercussions for any company trying to launch a service like Oasis, the U.S. company for car buyers that seeks to make buying cars safer.
Oasis says it tries to find suppliers to the same set of laws as a car sales company but does not allow the sale of such vehicles to cars made elsewhere.

The United States has banned buying cars from outside the country, so only licensed owners would be able to sell the vehicles. The U.S. says it has a zero-tolerance policy for selling U.S. vehicles.

Drivers will also face fines based on whether the sale actually made a positive return on investment. Such fines could include up to $2,500 in fines, according to European regulators.

Japan said last week it would prohibit any car makers who “discriminately target or promote the sale of prohibited or counterfeit