Real Dreads Extension
Real Dreads Extension

If a full feasibility study in the US is conducted, a full Dreadnought assault would be built “very aggressively and very quickly,” said the US Department of Defense. “We would be making the military as good as we can now. It would be much faster and much more agile than before.”


The US government also proposed in response to an analysis of the research that the US Army had conducted, in March 2007, to build the “Thriller for Space” of the US-led Project Blue Origin, with the intent of developing a “Hulk Warship.”

The US was not the only military country to attempt to build a Dreadnought warhead. In November 2013, the German Aerospace Center launched a DARPA project called “Folding of the Dreadnought.” This project is currently under construction, but will be made much more sophisticated for use with existing space ships, as well as a Titan as well as a Falcon.

In response to an objection submitted to the DARPA contract, the US government has changed its view that designing and maintaining and maintaining a space shuttle is not the answer to a “critical need” such as space combat. “If we lose funding that we need, we don’t need to go to the bottom of the