2021 American Volleyball Guys Junior National Tournament (BJNC). Please be aware tickets should be ordered ahead of time for any 2021 BJNC.

Party Help And Advice

Mentors- Sign-up through University Jock. You should check-in at Ticketing helpdesk onsite. Evidence of subscription called for.

Kindly push below for 2021 Boys Junior National tournament Pre-Tournament handbook.

Needs for At-Large thought must be completed by June 8th at Midnight sera

*At big announcements begins Summer 15th

A result of the latest changes in fees enforced by debit card merchants, all credit-based card payments will happen a $25 nonrefundable efficiency costs. There aren’t any benefit rates for having to pay by confirm.

Money back Policy – Refund Deadline: Summer 11th at nighttime sera

Should a group will need to delete their own enrollment from your national title ahead of the repayment due date meeting of Summer 11th at Midnight s’avi?re i?tre, a full your money back on the entryway cost will be provided. The handiness cost is definitely nonrefundable.

Beginning might 24, 2021, Kansas urban area conference middle possess raised its masks mandate. Face goggles should generally be donned by attendees

Make sure you click the attachments below to read through the security methods and what you should expect any time going to the 2021 BJNC.

As a result of conditions and incompletion of the girlsdateforfree Dating Website 2020 month, there is determined to transfer the lotto winners over to the 2021 time. All girls and boys rate 1 & Tier 2 and models part lottery will help keep the same spot when they got in 2020. Employees tour Source will extend straight away to all lotto winners at the outset of January to learn more. To read more, get in touch with staff trip Origin.

Explore our calendar and search for guys quote Tournaments.

The USA Volleyball men Junior domestic competition has three competitive sections: Open, UNITED STATE and dance club. The yield and USA categories call for clubs to meet the requirements to participate whereas the association Division doesn’t need qualification for groups to participate in.

Yield and American Classification

The aim of the yield and USA sections of BJNC is emit an event that may encourage the biggest standard of kids competitor. Open rivals might be available in the 18, 17, 16, 15 and 14 era branches with the absolute minimum discipline proportions of sixteen (16) and a maximum subject proportions of thirty-six (36) for all the years. USA opposition could be offered in the 18, 17, 16, and 14 get older section with the absolute minimum area proportions of sixteen (16) and a max field length and width thirty-six (36) for 18 and 16, and thirty-two (32) for 17 and 14.

The USAV competition Department, making use of the Junior system, used quote tournaments to present offers to your BJNC for the start and United States Of America section.

At-large teams will likely be chosen with the sons opposition panel, with the lapse for the American occasions division, utilising the next range standards:

*In the public Division(s) Hawaii and Puerto Rico will be presented one (1) bid for all the 14 and 15 & under generation section. Each place will award those bids to a group in each period division in the slightest they consider appropriate (i.e. a tournament or via an application system). Every other staff desiring to receive a bid the 14 or 15 & under get older sections must attend a bid competition and apply for an At-Large bid if required.

If The hawaiian islands or Puerto Rico selects to award the allocated offers via a match, that event just considered a sanctioned USAV bet contest and will not depend to the involved requirement for entitled to sign up for an at-large quote.

The Boys contest panel and Events team book the legal right to accept numerous or as very few clubs making an application for an at-large bid to complete numbers and produce actually pool gamble.

At-large bids are revealed number eventually than 10 time bash at-large entrance due date day.

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